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Auto, Motorcycle and Boat

At AIP we offer prompt and personalized assistance at a competitive rate in order to protect you and your family while driving. We work with the top auto carriers and can offer free evaluation of your current coverage, as well as a number of discounted products that will help you improve your safety and your quality of life.




Overwhelmed by all the insurance choices? Let us help you find the car insurance you need at a price you can afford.


Let us quote, compare and save you time and money.


Whether you are shopping for a new auto rate, want to switch companies or are confused about the insurance coverage you need, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll give you rate comparisons, money saving tips, car insurance discounts and payment plan options to make your auto insurance buying decision easy. At American Insurance Point we represent only top rated carriers.


Auto insurance coverage options to protect your car:

• Comprehensive

• Collision

•  Towing and Labor

• Car rental reimbursement



Car insurance coverage to protect you and others:

• Bodily Injury

• Property Damage

• Medical Payments

• Underinsured/Uninsured Motorists

• Personal Injury Protection (PIP)


Call us today or fill out the free auto quote form to get on the road to savings and protection.


We are focused on protecting families with teen drivers, just like yours.


Did you know…

• Your teen driver is most likely to get into an accident during their first 3 months of driving;

• Automobile crashes are the leading cause of teen deaths and;

• Teen automobile crashes are more likely to result in high judgment lawsuits?


American Insurance Point can help you reduce the likelihood of your teen causing an accident, protect what you’ve worked hard for and lower the cost of your insurance! Is your teen a safe driver? Are you protected in case your teen causes a serious auto accident? Consider this…according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), 16-year-olds get into accidents almost six times more often than drivers between the age of 30 and 59. Parents: Lower your stress level. Call us today or fill out the free teen driving quote form for protection and peace of mind.


The Epidemic

• Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death among American teenagers, killing between 5,000 and 6,000 teenagers every year.

• No other kind of hazard comes close to claiming as many teenage lives, including homicides (13 percent) and suicides (11 percent). (2002 figures)


A Teenager’s Odds

• Teenage drivers account for 12.6 percent of all drivers involved in fatal crashes.

• The fatal crash rates among 16- to 19-year-olds is four times that of older drivers.

• Risk is the highest at age 16, when the fatal crash rate is 40 percent higher than for 18 year-olds and 30 percent higher than for 19-year-olds.


The Enemies

• Cell Phones

  • 56 percent of teens said they make and answer phone calls while driving.
  • Talking on a cell phone can double the likelihood of an accident and can slow a young driver’s reaction time to that of a 70-year-old.
  • 13 percent of teens said they send and respond to text messages while driving.

• Speeding

  • 17 percent of teens said speeding is fun.
  • 55 percent of teens said they exceed the speed limit by more than 10 mph.
  • 26 percent of self-identified “aggressive” teen drivers reported speeding by more than 20 mph over the limit.
  •  69 percent of teens who speed said they do so because they want to keep up with traffic.

• Peer Pressure

  • 44 percent of teens said they drive more safely without friends in the car.
  • 67 percent of teens said they have felt unsafe when someone else was driving.
  • Only 45 percent said they would definitely speak up if someone were driving in a way that scared them.
  • 37 percent said they would ride with one or more friends who speed in the coming year.


The Allies

• Seat Belts

  • Wearing lap/shoulder belts can reduce the risk of dying in a crash by 45 percent.
  • Teens have the lowest rate of seat belt use.

• Curfews

  • More than 40 percent of teen auto deaths occur between the hours of 9PM and 6AM.
  • Almost 60 percent of teens’ night time auto deaths occur before midnight.


Driving Contract

Click here for our Teen Driving Contract.






Shouldn’t your next adventure be packed full of excitement, not surprises? We think so!


Whether you are heading off road, to the water or the camp ground your time should be memorable and worry free because the right protection is in place. If you have your boat tied to your dock or snug on your trailer you want to make sure it’s covered. When you head out to open water and set yourself adrift at your favorite fishing spot you need coverage there, too. You can find calm water ahead when you trust American Insurance Point  with your boat insurance, jet ski insurance or personal watercraft insurance. Whether you cruise scenic highways, navigate city streets or challenge rough terrain we have a coverage plan to protect your investment. From RVs to dirt bikes to cabin cruisers we have the right coverage at a price you can afford. Adventure vehicles covered:


• Motorcycles

• RV’s

• Golf Cart

• Watercraft

• Jet Ski

• Boat

• ATV’s


Before you get your motor running, secure your next adventure by calling us today or filling out the free quote form.




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